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Meet Our Team


Journey Inward Therapy, LLC
Clinical Director and & Lead Therapist

Hello🥰, I’m Tamika James, a Master Level Mental Health Therapist (LPCA) with a wealth of experience dedicated to fostering positive change in the Columbia, SC community. With 15 years of a fulfilling marriage, three wonderful daughters, and a precious grandson, I understand life’s complexities and how to navigate through them.

My expertise is tailored to specific audiences seeking transformative growth.🦋

Tamika James, LPCA

An experienced Clinical Mental Health Counselor helping you improve relationships and build self-esteem. With a Master’s Degree from Liberty University and a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies, backed by over a decade of experience with families and children.


A cornerstone is my unique ability to empower couples, nurtured by my own 15-year marriage. I offer insights to construct strong relationships.

At the heart of my therapy technique is nurturing self-esteem via holistic, person-centered therapy grounded in empowerment. AS a Former Certified Medical Assistant at Baptist Hospital, Jacksonville, Florida, conducting counseling training. I enjoy exercising, nature walks, and family time. As a mother of three, I value resilient family bonds, dedicated to forging positive changes in relationships.

I offer:

  • Couples: Strengthening connections for couples facing challenges.
  • Self-Esteem Seekers: Sparking positive life transformations.
  • Teen Moms: Empowering resilient young mothers.
  • Life Transition Explorers: Guiding through pivotal life changes.

I am passionate for growth and healing, I’m committed to guiding you towards self-discovery, empowerment, and meaningful connections. Join me, in your transformative journey.

Office Manager

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